You spend weeks, months and for some even years planning your big day and all for it to pass you by in a matter of hours!

They say time flies when you’re having fun, I guess that explains why you can’t remember all the guests you spoke to or all the songs you boogied down to, or wait those embarrassing speeches your friends gave in front of your guests about how you really met your fiancé (hope Mom wasn’t listening).

Newlyweds Mirjana & David, whose invitations, menus and place cards we designed, did not let all that hard work go unremembered, they made sure to hire one of the trendiest and accommodating photographers around! Vera and her friendly team at La V Photo made sure not to overlook a single moment and captured all the romance and excitement of Mirjana & David’s wedding.

Photos courtesy of La V Photo (

I loved this couple’s photographs; they have a feel of Hollywood glamour and yet still are modern and fun. La V Photo is one of our favorite teams to recommend, we’ve known Vera for years and her ideas get better by the day, telling a story with a photograph is what her and her team do best! Make sure to visit their website and blog at to see more of their incredible work.